Nova Click enables clients to harness data and effectively drive valuable business insights. With our extensive experience in analytics and data warehousing, we provide meaningful solutions that enable businesses to improve operational performance.

Data Warehousing

We have a vast knowledge and experience in data warehousing and our tailored services ensure our clients stay updated in this quick changing world of big data.


Our consulting service is designed to help you anticipate, predict and transform your businesses into new markets.

Predictive Analytics

We are a reliable analytics company offering quality predictive analytics solutions to multiple industries.

Why Choose Us

With powerful analytics, we empower your business to make quick, profitable decisions based on data that is trusted to have maximum accuracy, consistency, and context. Being a reliable data warehouse consulting company, we understand the significance of having high-quality and integrated data and know-how to achieve it.


Our predictive business analytics can help you better understand your organization’s complex data. And with the insights provided, we allow you to accelerate business performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Improve business performance

With our analytics, we help businesses to anticipate their capacity to meet customers’ requirements. This allows them to achieve customer requirements and meet their commitments.

Make better decisions

Our fast rate and quick gathering of information empower clients to make quicker, more informed decisions for their businesses.


We deliver custom data warehousing solutions to cater to the specific needs of different businesses. Our expertise in the data warehouse as a service Texas helps us offer a full suite of data warehousing solutions from data acquisition to data transformation.

How It Works

Using the power of data analytics, we create valuable insights from your data that helps your business with important decision making. We use the best software to extract data from social media platforms, CRMs, and other sources to make sure your needs are met.
We take pride in providing 100% transparent services while assuring we are affordable for startups to mid-sized enterprises.